It is so nice to have the Bodhipines web site back up. Finding our way around the WordPress software is certainly a learning curve but we are  figuring it out. Our view of what the website and blog will be is to discuss how we apply the teachings of the Buddhadharma to our daily lives. Our hope is that others will join in these discussions and kindly offer their views, opinions, insights and experience. Fellow practitioners and students of the Dharma are like gems with multi-faceted brilliance who often point to a direction that hadn’t been previously seen. Those who are not practitioners and have an are interested in joining the discussion welcome as well. How interesting it would be to discuss and debate the great teachings from the great teachers of the past such as Nagarjuna, Milarepa and so many more. Also our precious contemporary teachers for whom we are so blessed as to have the opportunity to hear in our lifetime!

We will be adding scripture and sutra, links and images to engender discussion and to increase our depth of understanding of the Dharma. For our initial posts we offer two prayers while we continue to work on the layout of the new Bodhipines website. The first is the Discourse on Happiness from the Mahamangala Sutta (Suttanipata 1). It is a lovely prayer that expresses the motivation for Dharma practice. The second is The Doorway to Happiness. This prayer always fills my heart with a deep appreciation of the Dharma and recognition of the great, good fortune that has allowed me to hear the Dharma in this lifetime.

Thank you for your patience!

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